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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Stanley Cup Caliber Summer Beer

How about 'dem Bruins!  What a series, what a team! I haven't watched that much hockey since Bourque and Neely were roaming the ice for the black and gold, and it feels damn good to have a reason to watch them again. June hockey rules, especially when it ends with a big silver cup in Boston!

About that cup- I think the guys might want to drink something out of it.  Champagne? Nah, its been done. How about something local? How about something lighter, more refreshing, and perfect for summer duck boat rides from the North End to Copley Place? You guys worked hard, you deserve a high quality, locally brewed summer beer to quench that Canuck kickin' thirst. How about this-

Wampatuck Watermelon Wheat
Blue Hills Brewery
Canton, MA
4.8% ABV
This beer is a classic German heffewiezen, or wheat beer, and is a great style to try if you're a a first time craft beer drinker/Stanley Cup winner. Its lighter on the palate, and the low alcohol content allows you to really pick up the true flavors of the yeast and wheat used to brew the beer. This particular beer also has a watermelon extract added to give it a special kick.

This beer pours a deep cloudy yellow, with a nice wispy head of foam on the top.

The smell is profoundly watermelon and citrus of some type (I think lemon), and, as is common with well made wheat beers, you get a banana and clove smell as well. Its an awesome smelling beer.

Mouthfeel is light and smooth on the tongue and palate.

Taste is exceptional- watermelon dominates but doesn't overpower, and you get the earthy notes from the wheat and bavarian yeast. Its beautifully balanced and smooth. One of the bottles I sampled did have a tangy, sour aftertaste (or maybe that was just the taste left in Roberto Luongos mouth after game 7, I'm not really sure).

I give this beer a strong 4+.

This beer is sold in 22 ounces bottles, and is available at most local liquor stores in eastern MA. You can also stop by the brewery in Canton and pick some up at the gift store.

Support your local craft brewer and pick up a bottle (or 2, or 3) today.

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