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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blue Hills Brewerys "Antimatter" Single Malt Series

Friday marked the return of my favorite TV show, the sci fi epic Fringe, on Fox. To mark its long awaited return, I wanted a beer that would fit the sci fi subject matter and the "push the limits" attitude of the show.

As I walked the aisle of Colellas  Supermarket in Hopkinton, I saw a bottle of Blue Hills Brewery's Antimatter on the shelf.
The little atomic symbol on the bottle spoke to me, and I knew I had found the perfect beer to enjoy while watching Walter Bishop save the universe.

Antimatter (First of the Series)
Blue Hills Brewery, Canton, MA
6% ABV

The concept behind this series is simple- only one type of malt, and only one type of hop is used in the beer. In this case, we have two row malt, and Amarillo hops. As there are no other malts and hops to mix and mellow the characteristics, what you should get is a really distinct beer with a lot of personality.

This beer pours a beautiful orange color, with the largest, puffiest cloud-like head I've ever seen. This photo show it after its come down a good 3 inches from the original pour.

Smell was reluctant at first. This beer really needs time to breathe, as no aroma can escape the huge head of foam it produces on the pour. So pour it and then walk away for about 5-10 minute before coming back. When it has had time to breath, the smell is very bready, fruity and spicy. Lots of spice in the nose, all thanks to the Amarillo hops.

Mouthfeel is full bodied and very fizzy. Lots of activity on the tongue, as the image on the label suggests.

Taste is very nice- bready and spicy, like the smell. Lots of malt, and warm, aggressive spice notes on the finish. Its a very clean, distinct, unique taste.

The label suggests that this beer is "destined to be a favorite of session beer fanatics", but I disagree. While I loved the taste, the aggressive spice of the hops and the abv make this beer "un-sessionable" in my opinion. Its just  got too much character- if the spicy doesn't ruin the palate, the alcohol content will.

This is one of the most unique beers I've ever had. I give it a 3.5

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