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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Fall with Mayflower Brewing Companys "Autumn Wheat Ale"

Welcome back!

My apologies for the long delay between posts. We're still getting over IPA month here at Man Drinks Beer. So hard to say good bye to a month of delicious, over the top hoppy brews.

It was difficult to choose a beer to make the transition from summer to fall.

However, bringing your two year old with you to the "bottle store", (as she calls it), has a way of inspiring one to make quick decisions when selecting a beer.

For example, say you're foolish enough to put her down, thinking she'll stand still and be good while you carefully peruse the selection of craft beers. Because a store full of shinny glass bottles with bright colored packaging won't stimulate a two year to go running up and down the ailes of the refrigerated beer section, pointing to each door and yelling at the top of her lungs "beer beer beer beer beer" while other patrons laugh and try to walk around her.

When I was able to catch her and pick her up, she happened to be standing next to a display of Mayflower Autumn Wheat. It was within arms reach, and I like Mayflower Brewing, so that was my pick. As the clerk rang us up and placed the 6 pack in the paper bag, my daughter pointed to the bag and informed the clerk "beer in there".

I think maybe I bring her with me too often to the liquor store, but she has a ball. Anyhow, lets welcome fall and talk about....

Autumn Wheat Ale
Mayflower Brewing Company, Plymouth, MA
ABV not given, (guessing 5%)

 This beer pours a dark, dark brown color- which when held up to intense light appeared deep, deep red- with two fingers of loose, puffy, off white head.-

Smell is bready- yeasty and malty. A few swirls of the glass releases more aromatics- more roasted malts, and a burnt coffee aroma. There's also an unexpected hint of something sweet- maybe bananas, some kind of fruit note. Its very nice.

Mouthfeel is full bodied and active. Almost rich, but not quite. Definitely has the characteristic feel of a wheat beer, despite the slight heft. Very smooth and warm.

Taste seems to be built by the roasted malts- lightly burnt toast-like at first, then very yeasty, with hints of coffee. There is a very subtle sweet, fruity aftertaste.  That's gotta be the yeast,  but the Mayflower web site doesn't reveal the yeast or hop varieties used, so we're left to wonder.

This beer has a very unique taste- earthy burnt coffee and bread, followed by an unexpected, subtle, sweet, fruity aftertaste. And there is no bitterness. Its very smooth and drinkable. This is a great fall beer. Not a heffewiesen type wheat beer.

I give this beer a 3.5 on my 1-5 scale.


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