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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Horseneck Golden IPA- Just Beer

Going wicked local with this beer review.

I'd never even heard of "Just Beer" brewing, in Westport, MA. My Uncle Jack and his wife took a day trip there, and he brought me back a bottle. So I consulted the Just Beer website. It looks like the beer is really distributed only very, very locally in the Westport area. Explains why I hadn't seen it anywhere.

Here are my thoughts on this brew-

Horseneck Golden IPA
Just Beer Brewing, Westport, MA

This beer pours deep golden orange, with a nice 2 fingers of off white head which quickly dissolved into an oily sheen.

Aroma is mildly hoppy, with what I can only describe as minerally, citrus like hints.

Mouthfeel is very carbonated, moderate body.

Taste is hop bitter without a ton of flavor. There is a mineral like aftertaste, and a very bitter, distinctly grapefruit finish.

Overall this beer looks great, smells about average, and tastes about average for a craft IPA. It really needs something to counterbalance the minerally aftertaste and bitterness. Bitterness can be a great component of the craft  beer drinking experience,  if there is taste with it.

The Just Beer web site is a very old school, minimal info site, so I wasn't able to get any info on the varieties of hops used, or the IBUs for this beer.

I give this beer a 2-2.5 on my scale of 1-5.

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