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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lovely Saint Winefride Brown Larger- Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project

If you enjoy great beer, do yourself a favor and look up The Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project.

These folks brew some of the best beers around.  Always unique and always original, a beer brewed by Pretty Things is a work of art that you drink and enjoy and become one with.

And if they should also put an image of a decapitated woman holding her own head on the bottle, well whats wrong with that?

Lovely Saint Winefride Brown Larger
Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, Somerville, MA
7% Abv

This beer pours a dark brown, clear, with a dense, thick, puffy tan head that simply refuses to retreat.

The smell is subdued at first- lightly yeasty, and a little malty. As the beer warms, a more nutty aroma emerges.

Mouthfeel is thick and rich- velvety smooth, almost heavy (but not quite).

Taste is nutty, with notes of light smoke in the malt, and an earthiness that really ties it all together. Simple flavors that really work together beautifully in the glass. Finish is....I'll say smokey.

Overall, a very nice beer.  I love the smokiness here, likely in the malts, and its preceded by that fresh nutty taste...feels so much like a spring ale.

Recommended for all beer lovers. Feels like a good session beer, although at 7% ABV,  I'd be careful. It tastes much lower in ABV.

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