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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Hop Ale- Mayflower Brewing

Seems like forever since I managed to drink a beer and actually write an entry in this blog. So, what the hell have I been doing you ask?

Well, for one, I've formally purchased the domain for this blog. You can still access my beer ramblings via the blogspot address (for now, at least), but you can now also access it via the more traditional URL.

Along with the domain name, I also got a snazzy new email- (don't worry, I am still using my g-mail address as well)

Secondly, I've been sick. I blame the children and day care. The whole house was sick. I now have two inhalers for myself after going 38 years without needing one. Its awesome.

But now I'm all healed up, as is everyone in the house (although I surely just jinxed that..), and I have time and beer! So without further ado, lets get to why we're all here- the beer!

Spring Hop Ale
Mayflower Brewing, Plymouth MA
ABV is not given, but estimating 5-6% 
(seasonal beer, only available in April)

The bottle describes this beer as celebrating the renewal of Spring with " a beer that is all about the aroma. Four varieties of American aroma hops create a flavorful and citrusy brew that will reawaken your senses. Taste the history".

Talk about hype..."taste the history?" Lets find out what that means.

This beer pours a deep red, clear, with a half inch of tight, off-white head which quickly collapses, leaving thin lacing, a nice sheen on the surface, and a modest Bavarian Ring on the glass

Smell is modestly hoppy and bright, with citrus notes and hints of malt.

Mouthfeel is moderate- this is definitely a medium bodied brew. Active alcohol and carbonation play on the tongue, but don't overwhelm.

Taste is definitely hoppy, with a citrus presence, but less pronounced than in the smell. Roasted malt notes give a nice, subtle earthiness, and balance out the grapefruit peel like citrus bitterness nicely. Finish is bitter and dry, but not overly so.

Overall, I feel this is a perfect beer to make the transition from the hearty stouts and porters of winter to the light summer wheat's and ales. Its got the perfect balance of bright summery citrus taste to complement a sunny spring afternoon, with enough malt and alcohol to keep you warm on a cold spring night watching the Sox fall to 1-5. I highly recommend this beer.

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