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Monday, July 2, 2012

July is Friends and Family (with beer) Month here at MDB

Its July second. My last post in this space was in May.

So, where the hell have I been?

Dealing with life, that is all. Very Glad to be back on the blog.

This time off has given me some much needed perspective on life. It has also instilled a greater appreciation for the friends and family who are always there when it counts. Whether it be reading this silly blog, or going to a wake (or two) for someone you didn't even know, these people just keep showing up because they care, and damn it, that's a pretty cool thing.

Accordingly,  I've decided that July is "Friends and Family" month here at MDB. It'll feature great beers and the even greater people that brought them to my attention in the first place.

Our first honoree this month is....

My long time (we met in 4th grade) buddy Chris Dauphinee!

He brought me this beer (ok, he's brought me many beers over the years, but this one is super intriguing): 

Winter Ion "biere blanc au chocolat"
Element Brewing Company
Miller Falls , MA
ABV 8.6%, 14 IBU;s

You know him as "Daupha", from previous reviews too many to mention. He also happens to be the person responsible for my introduction to craft beer, no small thing that be!

Daupha is the kind of friend who is always there if you need something. And if he happens to find something he thinks you'd like and you're not there, he just gets it for you and brings it to you. 

He wanted to give me this brew as a Christmas gift, but of course I got busy with the family and didn't see him until about 4 months later.

I had never heard of Element Brewing. Here is what their web site had to say:

"Winter Ion is the fusion of a Belgian White with the rich flavors of chocolate. Over 3 pounds of chocolate are boiled with fresh coriander seed. With a hefty malt and low bitterness the chocolate and subtle spice make a balanced brew perfect to share with friends this winter"

This beer pours hazy orange, with a low hanging yet airy and substantial head that refuses to leave.

Smell is intriguing- sweet, with hints of dried fruit and chocolate, malt notes, and alcohol.

Mouthfeel is heavy. Much more substantial than it appears. Chewy almost.

Taste is complex- alcoholy and chocolaty up front, spicy peppery follow through and finish. 

A very complex beer. Belgian White Beer spices, mixed with (what I am guessing are) darker roasted malts and chocolate to create a very aggressive, assertive taste.  Recommended for those seeking an aggressively flavored Americanized Belgian White. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Thanks Daupha!

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