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Friday, July 5, 2013

Trillium Brewing- Pot & Kettle Porter

I finally made it in to Trillium Brewing this past week.

I have been trying to sneak into the city for months now, in large part to visit my old neighborhood in Southie, but also to try to stop by Trillium to pick up some of their well reviewed brews. Living in the suburbs now, its difficult to get into the city, and as Trillium's distribution doesn't yet extend to my neck of the woods (Metro West), I've only been able to enjoy their beers through the posts of others, like this excellent review of Trilliums super-saison- "Sunshower" by the Boston Globes Gary Dzen.

With a rare day off on Wednesday, I headed in to the city, straight to Fort Point. When I was finally able to find free, on street parking near the brewery (no small task mind you, even for someone who used to live nearby), I picked up two growlers- one of Sunshower, and one of Pot & Kettle, a porter.

I brought the Sunshower to my family's Fourth of July party, and the consensus among all who sampled it was that is was excellent. I didn't take formal notes, as it was a party. But I will say that I agree with Gary Dzen, this is a great beer. Reminded me a lot of a IPA/saison blend, taking the best attributes from both styles. I loved it, and will be returning to Trillium for more (any chance you guy's can save me a parking spot? please?)

I did, however, take the Pot & Kettle home to enjoy and write about. Here's my review..

Pot & Kettle Porter
Trillium Brewing, Boston, MA
7.5% ABV

Pot & Kettle pours a deep dark black, with a low, thin brown head. Aromas of roasted malt greet the nose first, followed by dried dark fruit- raisins, plums- and chocolate sweetness. Hints of hops round out the robust nose of this beer.

Mouthfeel is moderate, what I'd expect from a good porter, and the carbonation is very active, most likely because the bottle tipped during my long drive home. But I didn't find it overly carbonated, it settled nicely after being allowed to breath a few moments.

Lots of earthy, deep, dark roasted malts greet the taste buds on first sip. Not smokey, just perfectly dark toasted malts. The sweetness present on the nose wasn't noticeable in the taste, but I didn't miss it at all.  The flavor profile here is very deep and full, but not complex, exactly what (I feel) a great  porter should be. The finish left me with a hint of dank hops, but no bitterness.

I loved this beer. I found it refreshingly simple- no gimicks, no mocha, no vanilla, no barrel aging- just an old school, kick ass porter, brewed about as perfectly as I've ever had. I highly recommend this beer.

If you have a chance, visit the brewery at 369 Congress Street in Fort Point. Be advised, the city is currently prohibiting them from serving samples (more on that later), but do yourself a favor and grab a growler- they offer 32 and 64 ounce sizes, its well worth the trip.



Have you tried Trillium's Pot & Kettle? What did you think?

1 comment:

ARAK said...

I'm not a porter guy usually, but this is absolutely fantastic porter. I can't get enough of it.