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Friday, August 2, 2013

Hopulence DIPA- Wormtown Brewery

Continuing IPA Month with a brewery that is fast becoming one of my local favorites- Wormtown Brewery of Worcester.

Today's IPA Month beer is a double IPA dubbed "Hopulence".

From the Wormtown web site:

"Brewed with an abundance of hops. Once we started hopping this beer stopping was impossible. Emphasizing Amarillo, Horizon, Summit, and Glacier hops with support from 5 other American varieties. Hops were added in every conceivable part of the brewing process. Whole leaf in the mash, hop forwarded (lautered through whole cones), hop backed, first wort hopped, kettle hopped with pellets and extract, and dry hopped in the fermenter and brite tanks. No expense was spared to bring you HOPULENCE!"

Hopulence Double India Pale Ale
Wormtown Brewery, Worcester, MA
8.5% abv, 120 IBU's

Hoplence pours a hazy ice tea color, with a low tan head. Lots of bubbles appear on the sides of the glass.

Smell is resinous, piney hops, STRONG, almost pungent, which gets substantially sweeter and more tropical fruity as it warms.

Mouthfeel is substantial, chewy, with much less carbonation that one would have thought based on the bubbles.

Taste a word- BOLD. And bitter. There is a massive wash of abrasive bitterness immediately as it hits the tongue, which fades into a spicy hoppiness. Not getting a lot of citrus, but there is a very mild sweetness present. This beer is more on the bitter and spicy side of the IPA spectrum. Clocking in at a massive and bordering on insane 120 IBU's, bitter is what you should expect. Finish is- can you guess?- Bitter. And the alcohol sneaks up on you, hiding in the shadow of all the hops. Its not boozy, but at 8.5%, its strong.

Lots of bitter to this beer. Its an absolutely unbalanced orgy of hops, and it works. Malt characteristics don't stand out- nor should they, that's not what this beer is about- but they are there, and they are well incorporated. Hopulence is an excessive celebration of all that is great about Hops, and I love it. Cautiously recommended for hop heads, as this beer is not for the meek.  


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