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Friday, August 9, 2013

IPA Month Day 9- Sixpoint Brewery's- "Resin"

Today's IPA Month beer is a double IPA, "Resin", that comes to us from good old Brooklyn, NY and Sixpoint Brewery.

I've been dying to try Resin for a while now. Its one of those IPA's that, while not necessarily limited in production, never seems to stay in stock long.

On the liquor store shelf, Sixpoint beers stand out due to the packaging- they are only available in tall, skinny cans, with bright, bold colors. They also have a very distinct logo, the six pointed star. Click here for an explanation of the logo. And their tag line, "Beer is Culture", has also always caught my eye. This is a bold statement that I agree with, and it succinctly contextualizes beers rightful place in the world (far better than, say, "cold activated" cans).

And, of course, I'd heard that Sixpoints beer tasted pretty darn good. They should, given how deeply these folks think about beer and its historical lineage.

And now for my Resin tasting notes...

Sixpoint Brewery, Brooklyn, NY
9.1% ABV, 103 IBU's

Resin pours a bright amber with a nice, tight white head. Strong head retention on this beer. Always a great thing.

Smell is all hops- resinous and piney and strong. There's an underlying sweetness as well, candy-like almost.

Mouthfeel is soft and light, with nice carbonation levels.

Taste is super hoppy- no, check that- its super HOPPY! Yes, that's more accurate. Super HOPPY upfront, STRONG, piney, pungent, bitter and spicy. This transitions to a fruity sweetness that is more restrained and delicate, with a hint of toffee as well. Finish is very wet, bitter.

Great beer- bold, flavorful, with a touch of alcohol burn that's very welcome. Highly recommended.


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