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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Slumbrew "Flagraiser" IPA

Today's IPA Month beer is Slumbrew "Flagraiser".

I always wondered about the name- "Flagraiser". What's up with that? 

Turns out the answer was no further away than the Slumbrew web site.


"Flagraiser IPA is a big, hoppy tribute to the unfurling of the Grand Union flag atop Prospect Hill in Somerville, MA on January 1, 1776."
Flagraiser IPA
Somerville Brewing Company aka "Slumbrew"
Somerville, M A
7.5% ABV, 80 IBU's

As I pour Flagraiser into my glass, I can't help but notice how dark it is for a non-black IPA. This might be the darkest non-black IPA that I've ever had. A hazy, deep, dark Ice tea color with a nice 2 fingers of off white head.

Smell is sticky, resinous hops. Lots of them- Columbus, Crystal, MT Hood, Galaxy. Its very sweet and pungent.

Mouthfeel is moderate, with nice carbonation- very smooth on the tongue.

Taste is very hop forward and bitter. Grapefruit hop intense at first, transitioning into a tropical fruit sweetness. This is balanced off by a very sweet- almost like caramel/toffee- malt character that really creates an odd, but extremely successful contrast to the hops profile. Finish is fairly smooth, with a mild hint of bitter.

I found this to be a very nice, very complex IPA. Its got great, strong flavor, but its not over the top or palette wrecking in any way. There's an excellent balance here that I'm impressed by greatly. It reminds me very much of a trappist style double, but with lots of hops.  One of the most original- and tasty- IPA's I've had in a long time, and I drink a lot of IPA's.

Definitely recommended.

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