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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation Beer- Cape Cod IPA

Tonight's IPA Month beer is Cape Cod Beer IPA.

Why Cape Cod Beer? Because I'm on vacation, on the Cape, and I am a firm believer in drinking local whenever possible.

The problem is there isn't a lot of brewing happening on the Cape proper these days, or so it seems. So I was thrilled to find this growler at Kappy's Liquors in Falmouth, post road race.

I first experienced Cape Cod beer a few years ago while camping on the Cape with my wife (this was pre-children). It was a rainy day, and the wife I sought shelter in a little out of the way restaurant on the side of the road in Brewster. They served Cape Cod beer. I had several pints, although this was pre-blog and I wasn't taking notes, but I recall thinking "this is good stuff. I never knew there was a brewery on the Cape".

So here I am again, on the Cape, on Vacation , with wife and kids, but in a house. With Wi-Fi and a laptop. And a fresh growler of Cape cod IPA.......

First off, I love that the beer is simply called "Cape Cod Beer IPA". Its simple and straight forward. The label also says "Its got a bite!". Hmmmmmm....And I equally love the "A vacation in every pint" tag line on the bottle label.

Cape Cod Beer IPA
Hyannis, MA
6% ABV, 70 IBU's

Cape Cod IPA pours a dark reddish gold, clear, with a nice frothy head of white foam.

Smell is strong citrus with equally strong earthy malt sweetness. It's a robust nose.

Mouthfeel is moderate, crisp, with equally moderate carbonation.

Taste is strong- wicked bitter citrus packs a wallop immediately- think grapefruit shoved in the eye, nose and throat simultaneously. And wicked, wicked freaking bitter. 70 IBU's? I think you guys forgot a "1" in front of that 70.  This must be that "bite" that they were referring to on the label. There is an equally formidable malt bill on this brew, which does it best to counteract the indecent assault of citrus, and it almost succeeds in balancing it out- there is a noticeable earthy malt sweetness that cuts the bitter, but doesn't eliminate it completely. Finish is wet and- you guessed it- BITTER.

I liked this beer. Its a good IPA, and unique in its approach to the style. Its got strong character and flavor, which is really all I need to recommend a beer, which I do with this beer.

Beers similar to this:

Tough to really identify, but it did remind me a bit of Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA- both have a strong malt bill against an assertive hop profile, and an attempt at balance, but without sacrificing that huge hop taste and focus. Biggest difference being that Dogfish 90 has a cleaner flavor profile and is a bit more polished- the flavors are more distinct and therefor have more of a punch. Cape Cod IPAs flavors are more muddled, but that's not a bad thing, just different.  

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