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Monday, May 5, 2014

Yuengling is available in Massachusetts?!! I had no idea....

OMG, when did Yuengling become available in Massachusetts?

I have long heard tales of this fabled beer from older co-workers, who would regale me with stories of it's greatness,  their glory days of college, and prattle on about their beloved Yuengling, which inevitably led to them bemoaning the fact that it was "no longer available in Massachusetts" and that it was "too bad, because you'd really like it"

The conversation typically went something like this:

Co-worker- "I hear you write a blog about beer."
Me- "yes, its hobby. I like to write, I like beer, I thought it'd be fun."
Co-Worker- "I like good beer too! Like Yuengling! It's really good, I used to drink it in college. You can't get it around here now though. It's too bad, you'd really like it. It's really good"
Me- "So I here"

Well, now that's all changed. Yuengling is FINALLY HERE! In Massachusetts!

What, you didn't know?

Did you miss the new YUENGLING signs at the local bar?

Didn't you notice the new YUENGLING tap handles at your local bar (that likely replaced a locally owned and brewed beer)?

The new YUENGLING signs at the liquor store?

Or the YUENGLING signs at the Pizza shop?

Or the annoying YUENGLING banner ads on

Or the YUENGLING ads on the radio?

Or the terrible, terrible YUENGLING ads on tv that only tell you that:

A) YUENGLING is an old brewery, the oldest in the United States in fact!


B)  YUENGLING is AMERICAN owned! (see the flag? it's right... there!USA! USA!)

Have you been living under a rock, with a blind fold on and ear plugs in?


Holy Sh*t is this YUENGLING advertising campaign annoying me! Heres why-

As a professional marketer/media guy, I absolutely appreciate the almost absurd scale and widespread exposure Yuengling has surely achieved with its marketing campaign. After all, that is the goal here. Re-entry into a market as crowded and lucrative as ours necessitates a grand entry, I get it. This is a business venture, they want to steal market share. Guess whose share is getting impacted? Yup, the small local brewery and their one tap at your local pub. It's now a Yuengling tap! Sorry _________(insert superior local brewery here).

It annoys me as a beer drinker to see so much money and hype over a- in my opinion- mediocre, out of state product being brought into a market when there are vastly superior, locally produced beers already widely available. Yes, I've tried Yeungling since it's reintroduction to Massachusetts. I was not impressed (I'll leave it at that). I mean its not like this is Westy 12 suddenly showing up on shelves, or Pliny, to give a better national beer example.  I'd understand any hype around these beers, which are well known and sought after for their taste and quality. But this? It's freaking Yeungling.

Budweiser long ago set the gold standard for advertising a beer as a lifestyle image rather than on taste, something I find both ingenious and disturbing- it's a food product, after all. Can I really blame Yeungling for carrying on that tradition? Probably not.

But I won't be drinking it.

Instead, I'll be drinking one of these great beers, all brewed in the great state of Massachusetts...

  1. Jack's Abby Hoponius Union India Pale Lager
  2. Pretty Things Meadowlark IPA
  3. Mystic Brewing's awesome "Hazy Jane"
  4. Backlash Brewing's "Declaration
  5. Berkshire Brewing's Steel Rail Pale Ale, the best kept beer secret in the state (means more for me!)
  6. Trillium Brewing's awesome Pot and Kettle Porter 
  7. Slumbrew's awesome "Flagraiser IPA"
  8. Mayflower Brewing's awesome "Summer Rye"
  9. Harpoon IPA
  10. Notch Brewings excellent Saison, always a "go-to" brew for me  
  11. Spencer Ale, Americas First Trappist Beer!
  12. Jack's Abby Framinghammer Baltic Porter
  13. Jack's Abby Sunny Ridge Pilsner
  14.  maybe Jacks Abby Smoke and Dagger
  15. Notch Left of the Dial IPA
  16. Berkshire Brewings Coffee Porter 
  17. Trillium Brewing's Fort Point Ale
  18. Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon Russian Imperial Stout
  19. Harpoon Ale
  20. Harpoon White IPA
  21. Harpoon UFO
  22. Blue Hills Brewing's Watermelon Wheat
  23. Wormtown Brewery's Hopulence IPA
  24. Wormtown Brewery's Sweet Tats
  25. Trillium Brewing's Sunshower
  26. Wachusett Brewing's "Bad Larry"
  27. Sam Adams Cold Snap
  28. Anything from Element Brewing
  29. Pioneer Brewing's "Path of the Unknown" Imperial Brown Ale
  30. Notch session pils
And that's literally just off the top of my head. And this list just scratches the surface of great beer brewed in Massachusetts.


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