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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy IPA Month! Celebrating with Greenhead IPA

Happy IPA Month!

Welcome to my occasional annual celebration of Americas (current) favorite style of beer- the awesome India Pale Ale!

This is year 4 of ManDrinksBeer, and year 3 of my self designated "IPA month". (I had a newborn last August, so IPA month was not happening)

Why IPA? And why August?

Because its fucking August and because it's waaaay too fucking early for Pumpkin Ale or Oc/ktoberfest beers (both of which I love, by the way). But, as I previously mentioned.... it's fucking AUGUST!!!! Don't rush me through summer, damn it!

Any questions? Good.

Now that that's settled....

I spent today at  lake swimming with my kids. It was hot, and it was awesome! After we left the lake we went for ice cream! Because it's SUMMER! We came home and made tacos and watched "Home".

And all I wanted tonight was an ice cold IPA (and it's not because the awesome new beer/wine store in Holliston- Crafted - was doing an IPA tasting when I stopped by....that was just a happy coincidence).

It's because it's SUMMER. And in SUMMER, I want bright, floral, aromatic, hoppy beer. Because it's SUMMER.

And with IPA day only 5 days away, we best get to practicing, right?

This year I begin IPA month with one of my new favorites-

Newburyport Brewing
Newburyport, MA
Greenhead IPA
7.2% ABV

Greenhead IPA pours a hazy reddish orange with an inch or two of fluffy white head.

Smell is very floral, strong and fruity. It's awesome.

Mouthfeel is soft, light, wet, with very low carbonation (or so it seemed).

Taste is very bright and crisp citrus- grapefruity and bitter up front, very west coast style as advertisined- but this transitions with more malt than I recall from previous tastings. Finish is hop bitter and sharp.

Newburyport Brewing's "Greenhead" is definitely a west coast style inspired IPA- bright and clean with a huge citrus hop aroma up front. Love it!

I even love the can art. The color pallet really compliments the name, with its liberal use of green,  the guitar pick logo goes perfectly with the guitar picks they give out at tastings, and there's even a Greenhead fly on the can!

I highly recommend this beer. I look forward to trying more brews from Newburyport brewing. Maybe we'll even see one here later this month....


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