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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite "New" Beers of 2015

And now for the obligatory "best of" year end post, recapping my favorite "new" beers of 2015.

"New" in this case simply means  "new to me".

Jacks Abby Framinghammer "Italiano"
1. Jacks Abby- Framinghammer "Italiano"

This new, brewery only, draft only variant of the immensely popular Framinghammer Baltic Porter series is simply, absolutely, amazing.

The recipe was recommended by Italian workers who came over from Italy to help set up some of the brewing equipment at the new Clinton  Street facility.  Brewed with coffee, Star Anise, and lemon zest and packing an ABV north of 10%, this brew is stunningly delicious, super smooth, soft on the palette and absolutely perfect in every way.

How good do I think this is? Put it this way, I've been to the new brewery twice now, and of the 7 beers I've had while there, this has been 6 of them. And I don't regret passing up all of the other amazing beers on the menu one bit. If you have the chance to enjoy it before its gone, do yourself favor and go for it.

2. Backlash- Muerte

First, check out the bottle art- its absolutely beautiful. Art inspired by Mexico's "Day of the Dead" Holiday, with the Backlash knuckles incorporated so perfectly, I love it.

And the beer is just ridiculous- an imperial stout brewed with cold brewed coffee, vanilla bean, cinnamon sticks, and scotch bonnet peppers.  Its an insane ingredient list. It honestly scared the hell out of me.

But it fucking works! In an amazing, amazing way. Major props to Backlash for taking this risk with these ingredients. Their web site describes this as being inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate, and they nailed it. Its an awesome beer.

 Melcher Street IPA
3. Trillium- Melcher Street IPA

I don't know if this beer is new, or just new to me, but I love it.

Purchased at the new Trillium Brewery in Canton and brought home in a growler, this was my fist Trillium IPA. (I know, seriously, what was I waiting for? Tough to get Trillium where I live. Or, at last it was :))

4. Devils Purse Brewing- Handline Kolsch

Long story short, I'm a sucker for a good, classic Kolsch. It's an underbrewed, under appreciated style.

This is a great brew from a great new brewery on Cape Cod.

Check them out if you get a chance.

And yes, that is a glorious, ice cold, 32 ounces CROWLER in that photo! I love the Crowler, I really, really do.

(The mason jar was because I was on vacation. Really.)

5. Founders- Backwoods Bastard

Another dark ale packing an ABV punch- 11%- rounds out my list of new favorites from 2015.

It was a close call, there were a few other strong contenders for this list, but I kept coming back to this one. This is an old ale aged in oak bourbon barrels. Bourbon barrels do wonderful things to beer. Super smooth, moderate mouthfeel, and slight alcohol burn make this a great beer for a cold New England night.

What were you favorite "new" beers of 2015?

Have a happy, safe, and excellent new year all!

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