Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- The Year in Beer

Happy News Years Eve!

As we close out 2012, I want to raise a glass to toast and thank all of you who have taken the time to read and comment on this humble little blog this year. This year was a tough one, personally, and it helps to have a fun little outlet like this to be able to share something I enjoy with friends, family, and total strangers. Thanks for reading!

And now a look back at my favorite beers of 2012...

1) Pretty Things "Meadowlark IPA"-As I said back in August, this is without question the best IPA I've ever had. Perfectly balanced, yet still awesomely hoppy, this is a must try if you like IPA. This beer strikes the absolute perfect balance between a traditional English IPA, which is only very slightly hoppy, and the American West Coast nuclear hop bombs we love here in the US.

2) Long Trail "Traditional IPA"- Long Trial has long brewed an IPA, but only recently have they decided to brew and bottle their original, unfiltered IPA. And if I may say, God Bless them for doing so! Deliciously hoppy but not bitter, this IPA is an absolute delight.

3) Clown Shoes "Bleacorn Unidragon" Stout- Moving on to the Best Stouts of 2012, this is a tremendous Americanized version of a Russian Imperial Stout. I love stouts that pack a thick, oily, smokey malt wallop, but still succeed in bringing hops to the table as well, and this beer does this amazingly well. An aggressive, assertive take on the style. At 12% ABV, this beer will keep you warm on a cold winters night.

4) Jack's Abby "Copper Legend" Octoberfest- I love Octoberfest beers. They are the most drinkable, refreshing brews on the beer spectrum, if you ask me. Jacks Abby in Framingham, MA makes one of the best you'll find. This is what beer should be.

5) Wormtown Brewery "Pro-Am Porter"- There aren't nearly enough brewer's who take on the challenge of a porter. Props to Wormtown for this awesome take on the style. Shame this is only a one time brew. Maybe they'll change their mind and brew it again? PLEASE? Notes of earthy roasted coffee, chocolate malt, and a warming alcohol presence are followed by a subtle chaser of hops that are not at all bitter and cut through the heaviness of the malts with perfection

There were many other fine brews that I enjoyed in 2012 but simply didn't have the time (or energy) to write about. Here are few more great beers worthy of your attention.

  • Harpoon's outstanding White IPA, brewed as part of their "100 Barrel Series", I'd buy this by the case given the opportunity. 
  • Sam Adams amazing "White Christmas" Ale- sheer genius combining the beauty and drinkability of a wheat beer with seasonal holiday spices.
  • Notch "Saison"- Big Beer taste with low ABV. Quickly becoming a favorite of mine. 
  • Jack's Abby- "Fire in the Ham". Smoked lager excellence. Then again, I love most of Jacks brews. 
  • Ipswich Brewing- "5 Mile Rye Saison"- Take a good saison, add some spicy local rye. Loved this beer.

Looking ahead to 2013, I hope to make some content changes and improvements to this blog. I intend to expand the content to more than just beer reviews and start focusing some on the breweries and brewers themselves. I also hope to get into a much more consistent publishing schedule. Not sure what that will be just yet, but I am aiming for twice a week. 

Have a great and safe News Years everyone! 


Bill aka Man Drinks Beer