Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Great Divide Brewing Company- Titan IPA

Great Divide Brewing Company of Colorado is one of those rare breweries that only brews GREAT beers.

I've had a lot of Great Divide beer, and I've never had a single one that wasn't absolutely GREAT.

Not "good".

I mean GREAT.

I am truly amazed by the overall super high quality of the Great Divide portfolio of beers. The only other brewery that I can say this of is Somerville's own Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. This is the only other brewery that I can honestly say that I've never had a less than excellent beer from.

And I drink a lot of beer.

This is not to speak ill of the many great breweries here in Boston. Harpoon for example, has an equally impressive line up of great beer. But, I've probably had 40 different beers from Harpoon over the years, and there were one or two that I didn't love. That's a pretty solid batting average. Its just that I haven't had quite as many beers from Great Divide or Pretty Things. These are smaller breweries, and I've just not had the opportunity to try quite as many beers from them. But I digress...

Titan IPA
Great Divide Brewing Company
Denver, Colorado
7.1% ABV

Titan pours a dark burnt orange, with a low, tight off white head.

Smell is malty sweet at first, followed by a big whiff of citrusy hops.

Mouthfeel is light to moderate, with a touch more carbonation that I'd prefer, but its not objectionable by any means.

Taste follows the smell, but in reverse- Big fruity, citrusy, bitter hops up front- grapefruit and grass- followed by a candy like malty sweetness in the finish that balances it out nicely

The flavors are awesome, clean, distinct, balanced and I love them. I was horrified by the "bottled on" date on the bottle though- 10/26/2012. I can only wonder how much better this beer would have been fresh. And I really have to stop shopping at certain liquor stores.

Anyway, I recommend this beer, and this brewery. If you haven't tried Great Divide Brewing Company beers yet, do yourself a favor and do it soon. These folks brew amazing beers,



Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Big Hoppy" Double IPA

Today's IPA Month brew is a totally new one to me- "Big Hoppy" Double IPA from Cambridge House Brewing in Connecticut.

I've never heard of the beer or the brewery before stumbling upon it in a cooler at a local liquor store. The name caught my eye, "Big Hoppy", and immediately made me think of the Boston Red Sox "Big Pappi", David Ortiz. My mind often obsesses over things baseball and beer related, so this beer was a must buy. (Even if there was no actual connection between the two in this case)

I have found info on Cambridge House Brewing difficult to find. But, from what I gather, its a brew pub in Granby, CT that also bottles their beer for sale off site.

Big Hoppy Double IPA
Cambridge House Brewing
Granby, CT
9% ABV

Big Hoppy pours a dark, hazy brown, more like a brown ale than any IPA I've seen, with a nice frothy head of tan.

Smell is intense- Tons of dark fruit, raisins, plums, and lots of hops greet the nose with a wallop. Its nice, but it brings to mind a classic Belgian Trappist Style Double much more than an IPA. There's a mild boozyness in the nose as well.

Mouthfeel is super soft and creamy. Great body on this beer. Velvety smooth, like a great stout.

Taste is.....ahhh.... now THERE's the hops! Bitter, intense hop flavor greets the taste buds immediately, very abrasive at first, like biting into an over ripe grapefruit. Citrusy bitter is the focus here- the initial insanely intense grapefruit, along with strong orange peel and then grass. The flavors are strong and intense, and the dark fruit that is so pervasive in the nose is totally absent, (or perhaps overwhelmed by the citrus), from the taste.

Finish is wet and relatively clean given the intense flavors at work here.

An odd- but good- IPA. This is the polar opposite from most IPA's on the market. Where the current trend is West Coast Style bright, floral hoppyness with clean and crisp flavors, this one goes the other way. Intense dark fruit and a much more muddled taste, where the flavors are harder to pick out and there is no citrusy brightness to it, just the intense bitter wallop.

I liked it, and I do recommend it as a change of pace IPA. Very curious to try more from these guys.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Aprihop- Dogfish Head's IPA with Apricots

Aprihop- IPA Brewed with Apricots
Dogfish Head Brewery, Rehoboth Beach, DE
7% ABV, 50 IBUs

Now, this beer is brewed in March, and should really only be on shelves through May. I was lucky enough to get a few from my mother  in law who visited the brewery in April and brought back a few. These were outstanding. The ones I found on a local store shelve in August? Not so much.

Lesson- Seasonal beer should only be on shelves in season. Good bottle stores usually don't have out of season beers on the shelf. Clearly, I was not shopping at a good store. But that is a post or another day, trust me.

Aprihop pours a dark, almost reddish amber with a low, tight white head.

Smell is hoppy and fruity sweet. Apricots are clearly noticeable, but not overwhelming.

Mouthfeel is soft and smooth. Very smooooooth.

Taste is very much IPA like up front- bright hoppy goodness, floral almost, with a sweet apricot tartness along side. The flavors are clean and crisp and work extremely well together. The is also a strong malt backbone on this IPA, although its not quite as strong as the 60 or 90 minute IPA's Dogfish does so well. Finish is mildly bitter.

I love this beer. A clean, fresh hoppy IPA with Apricots incorporated perfectly. Lots of flavor and very refreshing. Highly recommend when in season. Out of season, it may not be quite up the normal standards.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

IPA Month Rolls On With Sam Adams "Whitewater IPA"

Continuing IPA month with my first post vacation entry. Today's beer is a local from Sam Adams- Whitewater IPA- from their "Brewmasters collection".

This beer is a blend of a Belgian-Style White Wheat Ale and and American Style IPA. Typically blend's of this nature are called "White" IPA's, although to my knowledge there is no formal style guideline or definition for a "White" IPA. Its got a lot of ingredients- apricots, orange peel, coriander, five varieties of hops, white wheat, and Sam Adams blend of pale two row malt.

Boston Beer Company-Samuel Adams
Boston, MA
5.8% ABV, 61 IBU's

Whitewater IPA pours a dull orange brown, with a white, lose head of foam.

Smell is complex- piney hops and apricots hit the nose first, followed by teasing wafts of bready wheat that quickly vanish and are followed by more citrus.

Mouthfeel is moderate and bubbly. This beer has a strong body and good carbonation to match.

Taste is equally as complex as the smell. Tangy wheat greets the palette immediately, followed by orange, citrus, and piney hops. The flavors here are so totally and fully integrated that nothing is clean or easily identifiable. In addition to the wheat and fruit flavors, there is a peppery spiciness (its gotta be the coriander) that permeates everything. The hops here are really secondary- despite the Topaz, Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe, and Citra used in the brew. Finish is bitter and wet and spicy.    

All things considered, I was disappointed in this beer. It wasn't really bad, but I didn't think it was great either. I was intrigued by the style, but disappointed in the execution. I feel like there was just too much competing for my attention and I couldn't enjoy it. I prefer clean, crisper flavors in my IPA's, and this beer- while loaded with flavor- missed the mark in that respect. 

Beers I'd compare to this:

Harpoon White IPA is the single best White IPA That I've ever had, and is also one of my all time favorite beers, period. Its also a blend, but lacks the coriander and spice, really features the hops, and delivers strong, crisp, distinct flavors. I am desperately trying to find a bottle to write about for IPA month.

Haverhill Brewery, now The Tap- Whittier Wheat- This is a straight up Belgian Wheat interpretation loaded with spice and citrus. I similarly didn't care for this beer, but its very much in the same style as Whitewater IPA.

Monday, August 12, 2013

IPA Month Continues with Oskar Blues "Deviant Dale's" IPA

Continuing IPA Month with another fine IPA in a can- Oskar Blues "Deviant Dales" IPA.

I don't know much about Oskar Blues Brewing. I've only had one of their beers- Mamas Little Yella Pils- and I wasn't a huge fan. But one thing I've learned is that you can't judge a brewery by one beer.

Trying to find new and different IPA's to write about for my self created "IPA Month" endeavor can get difficult. As many variations on the style as there are, finding them can be a challenge, and then tasting them all is another challenge. I probably only write about 50% of the beers I drink, because some I just don't like even a little, and sometimes I just want to sit in my recliner and enjoy a beer without taking freaking notes.

I selected Deviant Dale's IPA for three reasons:

  1. I am very unfamiliar with the brewery, so it was an opportunity to learn about them
  2. It comes in cans, and I think I need to drink more from cans. I sometimes think I have a subconscious prejudice against cans, and that's just wrong. 
  3. It comes in 16 ounce Tall Boy cans. And that's just cool. 
Oskar Blues Brewery, Longmont, CO
8%ABV, 85 IBU's

Deviant Dales pours a dark reddish orange, with a nice off white head. Not a lot of obvious bubbles in the glass.

Smell is nice- lots of bright, citrus aroma-and pine-and a underlying sweetness as well.

Mouthfeel is heavy- this is a chewy IPA. Lots of body to it, and it leaves a nice textural feel on the tongue, almost velvety smooth.

Taste is in line with the nose- strong, bright citrus up front, very grapefruit centric and bitter- with not so subtle notes of resiny pine as well. There's also a nice malt character and sweetness here that helps balance out the 85 IBU's of bitterness. Its not balanced per say, but its not an over the top, super bitter, west coast hop bomb either. Finish is very wet and only mildly bitter.

I liked this beer a bunch. Great flavor to it, and I love that they sell it in 16 ounce tall boy 4-packs. I recommend this beer.

Do you have a favorite IPA? Want to share it with the the world? Leave me a comment, or send me an email at  mandrinksbeermail@gmail.com.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation Beer- Cape Cod IPA

Tonight's IPA Month beer is Cape Cod Beer IPA.

Why Cape Cod Beer? Because I'm on vacation, on the Cape, and I am a firm believer in drinking local whenever possible.

The problem is there isn't a lot of brewing happening on the Cape proper these days, or so it seems. So I was thrilled to find this growler at Kappy's Liquors in Falmouth, post road race.

I first experienced Cape Cod beer a few years ago while camping on the Cape with my wife (this was pre-children). It was a rainy day, and the wife I sought shelter in a little out of the way restaurant on the side of the road in Brewster. They served Cape Cod beer. I had several pints, although this was pre-blog and I wasn't taking notes, but I recall thinking "this is good stuff. I never knew there was a brewery on the Cape".

So here I am again, on the Cape, on Vacation , with wife and kids, but in a house. With Wi-Fi and a laptop. And a fresh growler of Cape cod IPA.......

First off, I love that the beer is simply called "Cape Cod Beer IPA". Its simple and straight forward. The label also says "Its got a bite!". Hmmmmmm....And I equally love the "A vacation in every pint" tag line on the bottle label.

Cape Cod Beer IPA
Hyannis, MA
6% ABV, 70 IBU's

Cape Cod IPA pours a dark reddish gold, clear, with a nice frothy head of white foam.

Smell is strong citrus with equally strong earthy malt sweetness. It's a robust nose.

Mouthfeel is moderate, crisp, with equally moderate carbonation.

Taste is strong- wicked bitter citrus packs a wallop immediately- think grapefruit shoved in the eye, nose and throat simultaneously. And wicked, wicked freaking bitter. 70 IBU's? I think you guys forgot a "1" in front of that 70.  This must be that "bite" that they were referring to on the label. There is an equally formidable malt bill on this brew, which does it best to counteract the indecent assault of citrus, and it almost succeeds in balancing it out- there is a noticeable earthy malt sweetness that cuts the bitter, but doesn't eliminate it completely. Finish is wet and- you guessed it- BITTER.

I liked this beer. Its a good IPA, and unique in its approach to the style. Its got strong character and flavor, which is really all I need to recommend a beer, which I do with this beer.

Beers similar to this:

Tough to really identify, but it did remind me a bit of Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA- both have a strong malt bill against an assertive hop profile, and an attempt at balance, but without sacrificing that huge hop taste and focus. Biggest difference being that Dogfish 90 has a cleaner flavor profile and is a bit more polished- the flavors are more distinct and therefor have more of a punch. Cape Cod IPAs flavors are more muddled, but that's not a bad thing, just different.  

Friday, August 9, 2013

IPA Month Day 9- Sixpoint Brewery's- "Resin"

Today's IPA Month beer is a double IPA, "Resin", that comes to us from good old Brooklyn, NY and Sixpoint Brewery.

I've been dying to try Resin for a while now. Its one of those IPA's that, while not necessarily limited in production, never seems to stay in stock long.

On the liquor store shelf, Sixpoint beers stand out due to the packaging- they are only available in tall, skinny cans, with bright, bold colors. They also have a very distinct logo, the six pointed star. Click here for an explanation of the logo. And their tag line, "Beer is Culture", has also always caught my eye. This is a bold statement that I agree with, and it succinctly contextualizes beers rightful place in the world (far better than, say, "cold activated" cans).

And, of course, I'd heard that Sixpoints beer tasted pretty darn good. They should, given how deeply these folks think about beer and its historical lineage.

And now for my Resin tasting notes...

Sixpoint Brewery, Brooklyn, NY
9.1% ABV, 103 IBU's

Resin pours a bright amber with a nice, tight white head. Strong head retention on this beer. Always a great thing.

Smell is all hops- resinous and piney and strong. There's an underlying sweetness as well, candy-like almost.

Mouthfeel is soft and light, with nice carbonation levels.

Taste is super hoppy- no, check that- its super HOPPY! Yes, that's more accurate. Super HOPPY upfront, STRONG, piney, pungent, bitter and spicy. This transitions to a fruity sweetness that is more restrained and delicate, with a hint of toffee as well. Finish is very wet, bitter.

Great beer- bold, flavorful, with a touch of alcohol burn that's very welcome. Highly recommended.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Backlash Declaration- Belgian Style IPA

Tonight's IPA Month beer is Declaration, a Belgian Style IPA from Backlash Brewing of Boston.

Backlash Brewing, in their own words, from their web site:

"Founded in July 2011, we brew beer the way it was intended to be brewed – flavorful, gimmick free, and not produced in ridiculous quantities. We know you’re not impressed by spiral necked bottles or labels that change colors when they’re so cold you can no longer taste their contents. You have hands (probably). You’re familiar with how temperature works (…right?)
So, instead of bringing you more swill, we brew our small batch beers right here in Massachusetts. We’re a contract brewery (transparency, ooh la la) which means we make our beer at Paper City Brewery in Holyoke.
Stand up with us and reclaim beer. Join the backlash."

I had always wondered about the name- "Backlash". Join the Backlash. I freaking love that concept. Don't mind if I do! 

I equally love the bitch slap to big mass brewers and the idiotic "cold activated" bottle, which I've been raging about for a while now. It's a post in the making, don't worry. But for now, lets talk about this beer, because it's good one.....
Declaration (Belgian Style IPA)
Backlash Beer Company
7.2%ABV, 47 IBU's

Declaration pours a hazy amber with a fluffy white two fingers of head. Great head retention, it just won't go away.

Smell is restrained- equal parts sweet fruity yeast and and spicy hops Very intriguing.

Mouthfeel is soft and light, texturally very pleasing.

Taste is hop forward citrus- grapefruit at first, and bitter. The fruity Belgian yeast characteristics follow, culminating in a nice IPA bitter finish.

Interesting beer. I really enjoyed it. It really is a unique take on the style, with the fruity Belgian yeast and strong hop flavor combination. I'd drink it again, and I recommend you give it a try.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hop Ottin IPA- Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Today's IPA month selection hails from Boonville, CA- Anderson Valley's "Hop Ottin" IPA.

I've seen Anderson Valleys beers on the shelf at Julio's for years now, and I've always been intrigued by the label, but I've never taken the plunge. I thought it was time to change that.

Hop Ottin IPA
Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Boonville, CA
7% ABV, 78 IBUs

Hop Ottin IPA pours a dark, hazy burnt organge, with a loose, healthy head of creamy foam.

Smell is juicy, piney hops and grapefruit. It smells wet and fresh.

Mouthfeel is soft and smooth, with good, moderate carbonation levels.

Taste is bitter grapefruit rind up front, strong but not lingering. This transitions to a more floral, pefumey hop character. There's a subtle malt backbone (its brewed with Pale Two-Row, Crystal, and Munich Malts) , but it really gets lost behind the strong hop personality of the Columbus and Cascade hops. Finish is bitter and wet.

A nice IPA. Complex in flavor- the floral nature of the flavors caught me off guard. Its not as "bright" and crisp and better known west coast IPA's. However, its still hop centric, and I do recommend this beer.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Foolproof Brewing Company- Backyahd IPA

I recently learned about a brewery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island that I had never heard of before- Foolproof Brewing Company.

I don't know how long Foolproof Brewing has been around, but after sampling their beer, I am confident in saying that they will be around for a loooong time.

IPA Month- day 5- is being celebrated with an IPA from this great, "new to me" brewery....

Backyahd IPA
Foolproof Brewing Company, Pawtucket RI
6% abv

Backyahd IPA (no, its not a typo, that's how its spelled on the can. And I totally dig it) pours a deep golden orange, with a nice lose white head.

Smell is sweet and hoppy- almost sugary, but not quite. There's a distinct fruity sweetness here, and its really nice.

Mouthfeel is soft, smooth, and silky. It's texturally excellent, with absolutely perfect carbonation.

Taste is hoppy up front, but only slightly bitter. Sweet, tasty tropical fruit notes of grapefruit and mango greet the palette. This sweetness is then balanced out with a nice, restrained hop bitterness. Finish is mildly bitter and a touch dry. 

I love this beer.

I love the hops, love the texture, and love the balance. Backyahd has superb balance- but it's not achieved by balancing out the malt bill with the hops, really. It's very much a hoppy IPA. They achieve this great balance by balancing the hop bitter and delicate hop sweetness. I feel this makes the beer overall texturally softer and more sessionable than most IPA's, even at 6% ABV.

I gotta say this was an awesome IPA, and a nice surprise. I will definitely be drinking more Foolproof beer this summer. Maybe I'll even make it down to the brewery for a tour.

I highly recommend this beer to all beer drinkers.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Slumbrew "Flagraiser" IPA

Today's IPA Month beer is Slumbrew "Flagraiser".

I always wondered about the name- "Flagraiser". What's up with that? 

Turns out the answer was no further away than the Slumbrew web site.

From Slumbrew.com:

"Flagraiser IPA is a big, hoppy tribute to the unfurling of the Grand Union flag atop Prospect Hill in Somerville, MA on January 1, 1776."
Flagraiser IPA
Somerville Brewing Company aka "Slumbrew"
Somerville, M A
7.5% ABV, 80 IBU's

As I pour Flagraiser into my glass, I can't help but notice how dark it is for a non-black IPA. This might be the darkest non-black IPA that I've ever had. A hazy, deep, dark Ice tea color with a nice 2 fingers of off white head.

Smell is sticky, resinous hops. Lots of them- Columbus, Crystal, MT Hood, Galaxy. Its very sweet and pungent.

Mouthfeel is moderate, with nice carbonation- very smooth on the tongue.

Taste is very hop forward and bitter. Grapefruit hop intense at first, transitioning into a tropical fruit sweetness. This is balanced off by a very sweet- almost like caramel/toffee- malt character that really creates an odd, but extremely successful contrast to the hops profile. Finish is fairly smooth, with a mild hint of bitter.

I found this to be a very nice, very complex IPA. Its got great, strong flavor, but its not over the top or palette wrecking in any way. There's an excellent balance here that I'm impressed by greatly. It reminds me very much of a trappist style double, but with lots of hops.  One of the most original- and tasty- IPA's I've had in a long time, and I drink a lot of IPA's.

Definitely recommended.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

IPA Month- 21st Amendment "Hop Crisis"

 IPA month on Man Drinks Beer continues with another one of my favorite brewery's- 21st Amendment from San Fransisco.

Great beer often comes in a can these days, and when you purchase a beer from 21st Amendment, you get a can with attitude, both inside and out.

 These guys take beer seriously- from whats in the can,  right down to the packaging. Adorned with cartoons and captions that are great reads, a can of 21st Amendment provides both a meal and entertainment.

Honestly, I have long felt that commercial art- product packages, CD cases (does anyone actually buy cds anymore? Really? Anyone remember LPs and the great art you got on those? * sigh*..but I digress) etc- is a dying medium, and God Bless these guys for taking it seriously while keeping it fun and engaging.

Hop Crisis- Imperial India Pale Ale aged on oak spirals
21st Amendment
Part of the "Insurrection Series"
9.7% ABV, 94 IBU's

First, read the story on the can about the "hop syndicate" "hoarding hops"...its great, and explains the origin of the beers name. Seriously. Read it!

Hop Crisis pours a cloudy yellow orange with a healthy two fingers of foam. Head retention is excellent and appreciated by this drinker.

The smell is hoppy citrus at first, mild, then come some sweet cereal notes. There's a hearty malt bill on this Imperial IPA, and its obvious from the nose.

Mouthfeel is moderate, with mild carbonation. Almost chewy, but definitely not too heavy.

Tasting finds generous notes of oak induced vanilla up front, followed quickly by an orange citrus hoppiness, rounded out by a sweet caramel malt to balance it all out. Finish is slightly bitter, with a nice warming alcohol sensation. (Ah- there's the booziness I was looking for!)

This is definitely not a traditional west coast style Imperial IPA. It has far, far more balance than a typical west coast hop bomb. But, it shares some characteristics with the classic west coast Imperials in that it has HUGE flavor and is surprisingly smooth for 9.7% abv. That's what aging a beer on oak will do for- mellow it out, smooth out the aggressive flavors, and take off the edges.

I loved this beer. I love the character brought out by the oak aging, I love the supreme balance they achieve with a super strong malt bill- Pale, Munich, Dextrose- against what is a very assertive hop profile- Columbus, Centenial, Cascade. I highly recommend this beer, but be warned, it doesn't taste like a 9.7% ABV beer, so drink responsibly. 

Similar beers that compare to this beer:
Dogfish Head Burton Baton

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hopulence DIPA- Wormtown Brewery

Continuing IPA Month with a brewery that is fast becoming one of my local favorites- Wormtown Brewery of Worcester.

Today's IPA Month beer is a double IPA dubbed "Hopulence".

From the Wormtown web site:

"Brewed with an abundance of hops. Once we started hopping this beer stopping was impossible. Emphasizing Amarillo, Horizon, Summit, and Glacier hops with support from 5 other American varieties. Hops were added in every conceivable part of the brewing process. Whole leaf in the mash, hop forwarded (lautered through whole cones), hop backed, first wort hopped, kettle hopped with pellets and extract, and dry hopped in the fermenter and brite tanks. No expense was spared to bring you HOPULENCE!"

Hopulence Double India Pale Ale
Wormtown Brewery, Worcester, MA
8.5% abv, 120 IBU's

Hoplence pours a hazy ice tea color, with a low tan head. Lots of bubbles appear on the sides of the glass.

Smell is resinous, piney hops, STRONG, almost pungent, which gets substantially sweeter and more tropical fruity as it warms.

Mouthfeel is substantial, chewy, with much less carbonation that one would have thought based on the bubbles.

Taste is....in a word- BOLD. And bitter. There is a massive wash of abrasive bitterness immediately as it hits the tongue, which fades into a spicy hoppiness. Not getting a lot of citrus, but there is a very mild sweetness present. This beer is more on the bitter and spicy side of the IPA spectrum. Clocking in at a massive and bordering on insane 120 IBU's, bitter is what you should expect. Finish is- can you guess?- Bitter. And the alcohol sneaks up on you, hiding in the shadow of all the hops. Its not boozy, but at 8.5%, its strong.

Lots of bitter to this beer. Its an absolutely unbalanced orgy of hops, and it works. Malt characteristics don't stand out- nor should they, that's not what this beer is about- but they are there, and they are well incorporated. Hopulence is an excessive celebration of all that is great about Hops, and I love it. Cautiously recommended for hop heads, as this beer is not for the meek.  


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy IPA Day! IPA Month Begins with Founders "All Day" IPA

Happy IPA Day all! 

And Welcome to "IPA MONTH" here at Man Drinks Beer!

August marks my annual revolt against the increasingly annoying seasonal creep of fall beers into our bottle stores. I do this by celebrating- all month long- the wonderful, summery IPA. August is still summer, its still hot, and to me, and many others, it means IPA time. 

No Octoberfest or Pumpkin beers in August please. I love these styles. When its cold outside. Not when its 90+ degrees. 

We kick off IPA Month with what seems to be the "hot" new entry into the IPA category- Founders Brewing's "All Day" IPA Session Ale.

This brew was introduced in early 2012 (although a version of the recipe won a silver medal at the Great American Beer Fest in 2010), but was not then available year round. However, due to extreme demand, they've decided to roll it out as a full time, year round offering.

And, it will be the first Founder's beer to be canned, showing the increasing acceptance of cans in the craft beer world. Look for cans to start hitting shelves in late August/Early September

Founders Brewing, Grand Rapids, MI
4.7% ABV, 42 IBU's

All day IPA pours a deep dark golden, with a vibrant 3 fingers of foamy white head.

Smell is..all dank, wet hops. It smells wet and sweet. There is some detectable malt sweetness as well.

Mouthfeel is light an bubbly, more than expected, but not at all excessive.

Taste is not quite as hoppy as the smell, but very close. Lots of luscious hop citrus- grapefruit, pineapple, and only a little bitter. Getting just a touch of malt sweetness as well. Very Dry finish, but I'm ok with it. Not at all balanced, but it works.

A very nice IPA. Strong hop character, but very low bitterness, and low abv. I'm loving the dry finish by the time I'm done with the bottle. "West coast" in style, but without the big boozy alcohol wallop or scorchingly abrasive bitterness. It actually reminds me a lot of Jacks Abby "Hoponius Union" IPL.

I found "All Day IPA" to be a suberbly drinkable, delicious, IPA.  Definitely a wining entry into the IPA session beer category, and potentially a big entry beer for non-craft drinkers. Enthusiastically recommended.


Got a differing opinion on this IPA? Have another IPA you want to share during IPA Month? Leave a comment!