Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's Almost June, and I'm still IPA Free for 2017!

Notch "Session Pils"
OK, I can't lie, it's getting hard to keep up this whole "IPA FREE 2017" thing. As the weather warms, those dank, luscious, hoppy, bitter beers call to me. And it is getting harder and harder to resist.

But so far, I can still say that I am IPA Free for 2017.

And honestly, it's been worth it- very, very  much so. I've had many beers that I would NEVER had tried otherwise. Also, some great beers that I have had previously are getting more attention, like Notch Brewery's excellent "Session Pills".

I cannot overly state how absolutely EXCELLENT every single Notch beer IS.

But as they really only have the one IPA (Left of the Dial, which is great, incidentally), and specialize in true, low ABV session beers, they don't get the attention in a craft beer world that far too often gravitates to the new, overly hyped, 10% ABV, "juicy" IPA. (Also, I loath the term "juicy" when describing a beer. If you want juice, you are drinking the wrong beverage folks). But if you truly love great beer, and not just IPA, you need to experience Notch Brewing's beers.

Exhibit A's "LeitMotif"
I've also partaken heavily of sours. I was never a fan of sour beers. Not even remotely. But I gave in and have been trying them frequently lately, and there are some truly excellent ones out there. I won't lie, I haven't enjoyed them all, but I have liked far more than I expected. Had I not given up IPA's, I doubt I'd ever have ventured down the sour path.

My favorite sour right now is from Exhibit A brewing in Framingham, their rotating "Leit Motif" sour series.  This particular version is  #03, is made with Cara Cara Oranges and is outstanding. With a low abv and superb refreshing taste, this is go to summer brew if ever there was one.

Of course I've had other beers as well, but no IPA's!

I have been really enjoying this little experiment in beer. I do love IPA's, I really do. But sometimes we need to try new things. We are living in the golden age of beer, don't limit yourself to one style all the time.