Sunday, June 25, 2017

"IPA Free 2017" is Dead. Thanks to this IPA....

Night Shift "Morph" IPA, Batch #50. Tremendous. Worth it.
I caved.

I knew summer would be tough, but the end came fast. Very, very fast.

I was at Crafted, searching for a beer, and kept coming back to the cooler and staring at the pretty blue cans of Night Shift "Morph", (Batch #50 for those of you keeping track at home).

Sometimes the heart just wants what the heart wants.

In the end, the good weather, great offerings, and my love of drinking seasonally appropriate beer did me in. It was time to get back on the IPA wagon.

But also, the last few weeks had grown frustrating, and for the exact reason that I started this "IPA Free" experiment. I had given up IPA's to expand my beer experience, and in that regard it was a huge success. I tried beers and styles that I never would have before, and much to my surprise, I liked a lot of them. I now drink sours. That NEVER would have happened had I not given up the hops. I also drank several goses, also not a style that ever intrigued me. I actually found two I liked!

But in the end, limiting my beer choices by eliminating an entire style just got too hard. I felt overly restricted, and after almost 7 months (I actually started at the end of December), I had had enough. My beer experience widened, I felt it was finally ok to start enjoying IPA's again. Because honestly, if you are NOT enjoying your beer experience, you're doing it wrong! 

So, how did it taste, my first IPA in seven months? It was awesome. The batch tasting notes are accurate, so I'm simply copying them here from the Night Shift web site: Morph Batch 50- "A monumental Morph! Idaho 7, Citra, and Waimea hops, plus oats; hazy and soft, with massive grapefruit and orange flavors. (4.5% ABV)". This was a great beer to break my IPA fast with.

I have more IPA news to share, including a new "demo" IPA that- honestly- might be the best IPA I've EVER had, but that will come in a later post.

(How's that for a big time teaser?)