Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020- The Year in Beer

This year has NOT been normal, not by any stretch of the imagination. 

We all had different plans for this past year. Many, if not most, didn't happen, and it wasn't our fault.

But we survived. And thats really all that matters.

2020 wasn't easy on Himanity, or my beloved Massachsetts craft beer industry.  

So I want the make my 2020 "Year in Beer" post a very simple "Thank You" to every single brewery in MA, to every brewery employee who rang me up with a smile and every other craft beer fan I saw often, always masked and socially distanced, at my favorite local breweries supporting local businesses even as the world burned around us. 

It meant a lot to me to see you all, even if I couldn't sit at the bar and chat with so many of you that Ive come to know so well and consider friends. Thank you ALL for showing up.

I leave 2020 with a few photos of some of my favorite beers of 2020. 

They are all EXCELLENT. 

Please seek them out. I promise you wont be disappointed.

So as the clock ticks down on this dum
pster fire of a year, I raise a glass to all of you, and I look forward to having a local MA beer with as many of you as I can in 2021! 

Cheers, and happy new year!

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